Jasmine's pond of dreams

Jasmine's pond of dreams

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fantasia 2000 Pomp Storyboards

Here's a sampling of storyboards and visual development from Fantasia's Pomp and Circumstance. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

This is the poster that I created to pitch the idea for Pomp and Circumstance at a Disney Gong Show. Originally, I called it Donald's Last Roundup.

This was an earlier design for the poster. I liked adding the umbrella. It helped tell the story more directly.

Here I was working on designing Daisy's costume.

This is an art direction page I gave to my wonderful art director, Dan Cooper. We wanted to show that the storm was enormous compared to the ark but the ark was enormous compared to all the animals and that all the animals were enormous compared to Donald and Daisy but they were all small compared to their love and God's love for them symbolized by the rainbow.

It was fun to play with the scale of this giant ark with all the animals naturally finding their place.

We looked at all kinds of reference to find simple shapes for the animals so they'd read in silhouette.

This next image is hysterical but almost didn't make it into the movie. Peter Schneider was concerned because Donald wasn't wearing his shirt which calls attention to the fact that Donald doesn't wear pants. Mickey does. What gives? Anyway we were able to come up with a precident that Donald lost his shirt in Saludos Amigos or Three Caballeros so we were OK. (Images © Walt Disney)

This is another favorite of mine. We put a metaphysical gag in Pomp. Is Donald really a duck?

We couldn't resist this gag of the mythological creatures not making it on the ark. It's probably been done in many guises in New Yorker cartoons.

In a classic twist on an old cartoon them. Donald doesn't see stars or birdies. He sees animals running around his head.

We struggled with this scene as much as Donald stubbled with the dove. Why didn't the dove want to go find the olive leaf? After many dead end approaches the answer was thematic to our movie. The dove was in love with is mate just like all the other animals on the ark.

This scene had an inside gag. When the storm is over all the animals race out to see the sun thus tipping the ark. If you look really close, on the roof you can see Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We originally were going to project the movie in 35mm but later it was decided to create it for IMAX. You can really see them when it's projected in IMAX.

My lead animator, Tim Allen, animated this scene and he visually showed how happy Donald was without using any words. He literally flies up when he kisses Daisy.

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