Jasmine's pond of dreams

Jasmine's pond of dreams

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back to the Future Part 7 The Parents Kiss plan

Well mapping a complete film is much more complicated than I had imagined. And fitting it onto the dragon shape is going to require a life size dragon. What is life size for a dragon anyway? 

I'm going to map a section at a time. So this section is the one of two plans that have to be accomplished in ACT 3. Marty has to get his parents to kiss at the dance and then he needs to connect the DeLorean with the lightning bolt to get back to the future. Here are the main beats for this section. The hopeful beats are green and the fear beats are green. Blue indicated neutral or a surprise in the plan.

When Lorraine comes on to Marty, I've indicated this beat as green because that's what's supposed to happen in the plan. In the image below, the beats are arranged along the dragon spine.

In this second Dragonweave diagram, I've stretched out the time line so we can see the spikes of the dragon as the beats go up and down as they slowly rise over the dragon spine.

In this next Dragonweave diagram, I've indicated where the different items have been setup earlier int the story. Stories are all about setups and payoffs. 

With our friend the dragon, we can see what's happening with the audience.

At this point we're happy for Marty, however we know and we're anticipating the seeing him solve the harder part of getting back to the future. By contrast, the dance was the calm before the storm. In this case it's literal. The lightning bolts coming soon...

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