Jasmine's pond of dreams

Jasmine's pond of dreams

Saturday, January 5, 2013

6 things every blog should have

I'm learning this blogging stuff as I go and it's been a fun and really interesting trip. I'll be making some changes to the blog over time. Here's what I've learned so far.

1. The blog title should tell you what it's about.
Mostly scientists know about Critical Opalescence. I happen to love science and thought this strange beautiful phenomena was a cool metaphor for the creative process. It is. But it's not a good title for a blog that's about filmmaking, movies, storytelling, writing, storyboarding, drawing, art and creativity. I'm working on a new title.

2. I think blogs should also have an image to show the brand and what it's about.
I'm thinking of making banner artwork of a mural of all the films I've worked on. It would be fun to juxtapose Hiccup riding Toothless, near the flying whales from Pines of Rome, flying along with Icarus Duck from the extras on the Fantasia 2000 DVD, with the Space Chimps rocket flying by. Wait a minute, I've worked on a lot of flying stuff.

3. Each blog title should tell you what it's about.
I've started identifying my posts with subheadings. So my posts about my new theory of story are subtitled "storyteller's log".

4. The design of the blog should allow you to find things easily.
Working on this.

5. Your blog should allow your viewers to find you elsewhere online.
For example you should link to your facebook page, twitter, linked-in resume, etc.

6. The blog should be an easy read.
This is the thing I'm changing right now. When I read the preview of my blog I realized that my eyes were hurting from reading the white text on black.

I need to learn more about pages and maybe having categories for the different things like my portfolio, storyteller's log and art tutorials. And I need to learn to link it to my YouTube tutorial page.


If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment. I won't bite.

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