Jasmine's pond of dreams

Jasmine's pond of dreams

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How long does the character stay dead? Storyteller's Log 1-20-2013

We've shown the audience what happens when the character fails. This was the negative stake we setup early in our story. We've also shown the audience what can happen if the character does it wrong and yet reaches what they think is their goal. They only appeared to reach the positive stake. What's next? What do we still need to show the audience? What have we promised them in return for them following the interwoven threads of our story?

The character has died, symbolically, whatever that means. How did you feel reading the previous blog post? Remember those feelings. I'm sure you've felt like this at some time in your life. What happened to turn it around? Remember those feelings and use them when you write this part of your movie. It will help make it more real and give it depth.

Think about what it means to turn this death around. In the next blog we'll see how structurally that happens. Think about what we've woven together already. I could just spell it out, but you'll learn more if you think about it and come up with your own answers. The other thing is that if I just spell it out, is that good storytelling?

It's always darkest before...

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